Seamless steel tubes

Steel is a modern metal which can be used for many applications and is being continuously further developed. Steel is a general name for those alloys whose main component is iron and can be machined and manipulated. Iron when corroded or discarded is not toxic to the environment, animals, humans and plants.

Steel can be reused as its scrap is readily recast. We produce our tubes through cold drawing. Through this process the characteristics of the precision tubes are created. These include tight dimensional control of the outside diameter and inside diameter as also thin wall thicknesses. Furthermore, good surface finishes and required mechanical properties are also achieved through cold forming and annealing.

Our current dimensional production range:

From outside diameter 1.5 mm and wall thickness from 0.2 mm
To outside diameter 12 mm and wall thickness to 1.2 mm

Alloys and their mechanical properties:

Designation Material No. Material No. EN Finish Tensile Strength
Rm(N/mm2) min.
A5 (%) min.
St 30 Al 1.0212 E 215 NBK 290 - 420 30
BKW 380 15
BK 430 8
St 35 1.0308 E 235 NBK 340 - 470 25
BKW 420 10
BK 480 6

Special finish to customer requirements, or to

DIN 2391 / EN 10305-1