Seamless copper tubes

Copper is a relatively soft material and although it can be easily worked it is still tough. It has excellent heat and electrical conductivity which allows it to be used for many applications. Copper is a major component in in many alloys, eg brass (with zinc) or bronze (with tin). These copper alloys are used extensively for their excellent properties, eg machinability or corrosion resistance. Copper can be recycled without loss in its quality. This recycling ensures that not only are raw materials conserved, but also savings in energy are realised from the ore extraction and subsequent processing.

Our current dimensional production range:

From outside diameter 1 mm and wall thickness from 0.2 mm
To outside diameter 18 mm and wall thickness to 2 mm

We produce seamless copper tubes in Cu-DHP (SF-Cu) and Cu-ETP (E-Cu) alloys in coils as well as straight lengths.

We hold the following alloys in stock:

Designation Material No (old) Material No. EN Characteristics and uses


2.0090 CW024A Phosphorus – deoxidised copper for general and chemical engineering, particularly when brazing or welding is involved, but without too great a
demand on the electrical conductivity.
2.0060 CW004A Electrolytical – deoxidised copper with a minimum electrical conductivity in the soft condition of 57.0 m/Ohm mm², but unsuitable for brazing or welding. Suitable for the electronic industry.

Special finish to customer requirements, or to

DIN 1754/1787/17671 / EN 12449