Seamless bronze tubes

Bronze is an alloy comprising of copper and tin and not only a material from a bygone age but also of our current times – a metal adapting to the times. Bronze is substantially harder and melts more readily than copper. Furthermore, bronze very corrosion, wear and sea water resistant. As the tin content increase, so does the strength and hardness although there is a loss in elasticity. Bronze performs well with spring and bearing applications, showing good fatigue properties and is not susceptible to stress corrosion cracking.

Today in the world of bit and bytes, bronze stands out amongst the alloys. This is predominantly noticeable in the fields of electronic components and control systems. In fact bronze plays a central role in all data transfer and IT systems, instrumentation, automotive, entertainment and most household goods.

Our current dimensional production range:

From outside diameter 1 mm and wall thickness from 0.1 mm
To outside diameter 15 mm and wall thickness to 1 mm

We produce bronze tubes in CuSn 8 in coils and straight lengths.

Alloys and their mechanical properties:

Designation Material No. (old) Material No. EN Characteristics and uses
CuSn 8 2.1030 CW 453 K

A copper/tin alloy with very good corrosion and wear resistance.
Good spring and friction properties and very good fatigue strength.

Contact springs, manometers and membranes.