Precision tubes in aluminium

Alumininium is mainly found alloyed and through its advantageous properties is a very versatile metal. The application for aluminium almost shows no bounds due to its light weight and excellent forming properties and ease of manipulation.

Aluminium is often the material of choice due, not only for various hardnesses achieved through alloying, but also its outstanding corrosion resistance, and heat and electrical transfer characteristics.

Our current dimensional production range:

From outside diameter 2 mm and wall thickness from 0.2 mm
To outside diameter 15 mm and wall thickness to 1 mm

We produce Aluminium tubes in Al99.5, AlMgSi0.5 and AlMn1 in coils and straight lengths.

Alloys and their mechanical properties:

Designation Material No. DIN Material No. EN Characteristics and uses
AL 99.5 3.0255 EN-AW1050A A soft and light metal:
excellent for powder coating and good cold working properties.
Housings for electronic components; rivet tubes.
AlMgSi 0.5 3.3206 EN-AW6060 For components with average mechanical requirements;
good weathering resistance.
High corrosion resistance.
Rivet tubes.
ALMn1 3.0515 EN-AW3103

Material with medium strength
Sea water resistant

good chemical resistance
good welding properties and suitable for deep drawing

Special finish to customer requirements, or to

DIN 1725/1746/1795 / EN 573 / EN 754