Seamless brass tubes

Brass is a copper alloy with zinc as the main alloyed metal. All brass alloys have copper and zinc combined, to which small amounts of other minerals are added to produce particular required characteristics.

Our current dimensional production range:

From outside diameter 0.80 mm and wall thickness from 0.1 mm
To outside diameter 18 mm and wall thickness to 2.5 mm

We produce seamless brass tubes in a variety of alloys in coils as well as straight lengths

We hold the following alloys in stock:

Designation Material No (old) Material No. EN Characteristics and uses
CuZn 15 2.0240 CW 502 L Very good cold forming properties, suitable for pressing, stamping, hammering, punching and flared. Used in the electronic and jewellery industries. Also for finished products, pressure instrumentation, springs and spacers.
CuZn 20 2.0250 CW 503 L
CuZn 30 2.0265 CW 505 L Very good cold forming properties. Musical instruments, flexible hoses and spring components.
CuZn 33 2.0280 CW 506 L Very good cold forming properties especially for flaring, upsetting, rivets, finished metal goods and deep drawing.
CuZn 30 AS - CW 707 R Special alloy to suppress dezincification
CuZn 36 2.0335 CW 507 L The standard alloy for deep drawing, spinning, upsetting, thread rolling and bending. Good soldering properties. Rivet tubing, lighting fittings and finished metal goods.
CuZn 37 2.0321 CW 508 L  
CuZn 36 Pb 1,5 2.0331 - Good machining properties and cold forming
CuZn 37 Pb 0,5 2.0332 CW 604 N Adequate machining properties and cold forming
CuZn 38 Pb 1 2.0371 CW 607 N Good machining properties, cold forming and hot working.
Fittings, turned components and precision engineering.
CuZn 28 SN1 2.0470 CW 706 R Tubes for heat exchangers, condensers and coolers.

Special finish to customer requirements, or to

DIN 1755/17660/17671 / EN 12449