Precision tubes in cupro nickel

Cupro nickel alloys belong to the most corrosion resistant of all copper alloys. They contain over 50% copper and the as the main alloyed element a nickel content of up to 45%. They are exceptionally resistant to all forms of corrosion and are therefore suited for applications in the marine environment. These is no danger of stress corrosion cracking with these alloys.

Our current dimensional production range:

From outside diameter 1 mm and wall thickness from 0.2 mm
To outside diameter 15 mm and wall thickness to 1 mm

We produce cupro nickel tubes in CuNi 10 and CuNi 20 in coils and straight lengths.

Alloys and their mechanical properties:

Designation Material No.DIN Material No. EN Characteristics and uses
CuNi10 Fe 1 Mn 2.0872 CW352H Excellent resistance against erosion, cavitation and corrosion par ticularly in sea water. Resistant to alkaline solutions and unoxidised acids. Heat exchangers, condenser tubes, air conditioning plants, break lines and desalination plants.
CuNi20 No relevant standard No relevant standard Resistant to corrosive fresh and sea water. Rivet tubes.

Special finish to customer requirements, or to

DIN 1755/17671/17664 / EN 12449