Barth Präzisionsrohre - Eine runde Sache eben

Barth precision tubes – a complete circle, quite!

Barth Metallwerke produce seamless drawn precision tubes in copper, brass, steel, aluminium, cupro nickel and bronze in coils and straight lengths by using high grade quality materials and after the current DIN EN ISO standards.

We do of course produce special orders which might require specific tolerances, hardnesses, alloy and surface finishes.

Examples of product application:

  • Bathroom & lighting fittings, electronic and automotive industries
  • Jewellery and watches, toys and furniture industries
  • Rivets, spacers and crimp connectors, thin walled tubes for pen refills and antenna
  • Delicate tubes for medical equipment, instrumentation and musical instruments
  • Model construction, plant equipment as in heat exchangers and all types of hydraulic lines